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Noak Hill St Thonas Church 1981 from NE.jpg

in or near the Dagnams Estate

a closer look.............

(including 1919 Auction detail
where appropriate)

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DON TAIT Family History

Don Tait the foremost local historian has amassed a large amount of material and knowledge of the people who lived in the Noak Hill area going back centuries. If you or any former family members lived in the area Don is offering to help your researches.
Don has put in over thirty years of research on local families and maintains a Noak Hill and Harold Hill names database. If there is anything you would like to pass on to Don or if you are doing your own family research drop us an email and we will make sure Don gets your message. Don makes no charges for his work and he will get back to you as soon as he can.


Contact Don via email at

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St Thomas' Noak Hill

Public Houses

The Bear
The Chequers
Morris Dancer (
See New Hall Farm)

Cottages etc..
Angel Cottage                        

Old Keepers Cottage              Meadow Cottages
Forge House                         Orchard Cottage

The Forge Noak Hill              Rose Cottages
Holly Tree Cottage                Rosemere Cottage (linked to Jasmine Cottage)
Jasmine Cottage                   Victory Hall Noak Hill
                         Woodside  Cottages

Noak Hill School
Noak Hill School Log Books


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