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Photos of Dagnam Park, largely gleaned from what I consider are the cream of Don Tait's Facebook page.

There are a few photos towards the end by Gaynor Smith (obviously no relation) They were taken in the very early days of the website. In those days my choice was limited, it was long before facebook. They are mostly flowers. I would like to add some modern challengers. As lovely as she is Gaynor doesn't claim to be a photographer. But to remove her photos could cause me grief unless the case was overwhelming. So help me out, I still need something better.  Del Smith 

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After the sad passing of Del in August 2021, FODP members have kept this photo album from his FODP website.   Nothing will be added to it, it's Del's Album, as it was when he died. Full of his chosen photos synonymous with the park that he loved. Rip Del.

Click on the thumbnail photo to see enlarged photo

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