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The Bear Public        House

Ind Coope.JPG

The Bear apx 1910

the bear pub.jpg

Photo above from the Romford History facebook page, thanks to Karen Gibson. At a guess, 1930s

The Bear.JPG

The actual Bear (photo from 1960's Romford Recorder)

lot 11 auction map.jpg


Lot 11 from the 1919 auction catalogue


And comprising : The Bar, Bar Parlour, Tap Room, Four Bed Rooms, Box Room, Sitting Room, Kitchen, Scullery and Detached Wash-house, Lock-up, Coach-house and Store Sheds, Stabling for Four Horses with Chaff Room, Horse Standing, Loose Boxes, Open Shed and Lavatory.


With, 15a. 3r. 14p, of Arable and Pasture Land. Let at Rents apportioned for the purposes of this Sale as follows :-


Representatives of the late Mr. Bloomfield. 0a.0r. 32p. at £38, Yearly, subject to 3 months notice.


Representatives of the late Mr. Bloomfield. 4a. 3r. 2p. at £12 Yearly, subject to 3 months notice.


Mr. E.W. Padfield. 8a. 1r. 0p. at £14 Yearly.


Mr. C. Brooks. 2a. 2r. 20p. at £3 10s Yearly.


A Total Rental of £67 10. per annum.


Outgoings : Tithe Rent Charge (Commuted Amount) £3 0s 7d.


Land Tax Charge (Commuted Amount) £1 11s 0d.


Water is laid on to the House and Buildings from a Spring in the field adjoining. The Purchaser was Messrs Seabrook & Sons Ltd of Thurrock Brewery, Grays Essex. Paying £2400 for it.

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