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Rose Cottages
- Noak Hill

Rose Cottages 30th June 2009 Don Tait.jpg
Rose Cottages 25-7-09 Don Tait.jpg

Photos by Don Tait

Rose Cottage 1925.jpg

This is one of my favourite Noak Hill photos, taken 95 years ago. The strange pose is probably caused by the fact that they were not permitted to move while the picture was taken and it seems that they achieved that. George clearly spent a lot of time polishing his boots.   Del Smith.

A couple of follow up posts

Peter Adams Jack Avery, George's brother used to live in Ardleigh green road in the 80s. Jack had a daughter Irene, I asked her about Dagnams and she mentioned that there were photos of the Anglesey estate in the family that they used to visit in the summer months. At one time Jack worked as a cattle float driver for the Mallinsons of New Hall farm.

Madeleine Newton I remember George and Flo, my sister lived next door at 2 meadow cottages. Her husband had lived there all his life. His mum worked at the manor house. George's dog bit my leg. I still have the scar to prove it. They were a lovely couple too. George also tended to all the graves at St Thomas church.

Thanks to Don Tait for the text and photo below.

The 16th May 1925 saw the marriage between Florence Harvey and George Avery at St Thomas' Chapel of Ease, Noak Hill. Both Florence and George were born in the area and came from families that worked either in the village or for the Neaves of Dagnam Park. At the time of his marriage George was working as a cowman on one of the local farms, possibly Hill Farm. His father, John Avery, was the local wheelwright. At the start of their marriage Florence and George lived at Rose Cottage, Noak Hill Road and it is there that they were photographed after the wedding ceremony. From Rose Cottage they moved across the road into Meadow Cottage. George died in 1981 and Florence moved from Meadow Cottage in 1997 to Hillside Old Peoples Home. She died in 2000 and is buried along with George in St Thomas's Chapel of Ease graveyard just a few steps away from where they were married.

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