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Woodside Cottages       Noak Hill

Woodside Cottages, Chequers Rd

First two photos provided by Don Tait, the first maybe from the 1980's and the later one from 15th April 2006. The third is a Google streetview from 2018

Woodside Cottages Don Tait.jpg
Woodside Cottages later Don Tait.jpg
Woodside Cottages 2018.jpg

Next a pre WW1 postcard looking down Chequers Lane from Woodside Cottages, followed by a photo taken by Jim Spencer a little further down the road, apx 1960 showing many of the same trees.

Noak Hill Chequers Rd nr Woodside Cottages pre war.jpg
Noak Hill, Chequers Rd, 1960's Jim Spencer.jpg
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