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A Day Litter Picking at Manor !

Updated: Mar 16, 2023

4 March 2023

Just your normal Saturday for most but 4 FODP Volunteers got stuck into the Scheduled FODP Litter Pick over the Manor.

We made our way up to the Green Gate Near Wrightsbridge. Right at the corner of the Lane near the Homestead there was a vast amount of rubbish, some new, some old, but all needed removing. The Rubbish being exposed because of the weather and the Deer eating the vegetation. Among-st the rubbish there was a crate of brown beer bottles, how long they had been there is anyone's guess !

Always on the look out for antiquities (well things a few decades old at any rate) we keep our eyes peeled. We found an interesting label perhaps giving some history to the above mentioned Beer crate ! (see photo).

The variety of Rubbish was astonishing in just one small area. Mainly Tyres but also radios, mop buckets, glass, cans, clothes, plastic pipes and numerous other items. Basically a lot of crap ! The photos tell the real story. The classic before and after pictures are sobering.

And bottom right, a cleaner Manor after the efforts of all those involved !!

We need as much help as possible with the Litter Picking. Please check out our schedule of future Litter Picks (click blue button) and hope you can join us one day to help keep the reserve Looking Tip Top !

Thanks for Tuning in

Belinda Bearman FODP


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