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Tree Planting and Maintenance

November sees the start of one of the busiest times for the members of the Friends group before the weather breaks and winter sets in. Both tree planting and putting up nesting boxes will be done from now until March next year ( all new nesting boxes including boxes for Bats will be up by the end of February ). This period also sees the group re-caging the existing trees where necessary as well as repairing any nesting boxes that need seeing to. By the end of this period there will be thirty new nesting boxes in place bringing the total up to fifty that the FODP members have put up since January 2020 and a total of twelve Bat boxes in the same period.

Tree planting that the FODP will be carrying out between now and March 2024 will see around forty new trees planted and caged and is part of an annual rolling tree planting program that has been happening since 2015. In that time and up to the present the Friends group have planted over two hundred whips and saplings within the nature reserve. Not all have survived as some suffeThe red from vandalism, being eaten by the Deer or have died off as they had not taken from when planted. However those that have survived are now doing well and will come into their own in the next few years for both the wildlife and visitors to the reserve getting a benefit from them.

Don Tait


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