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- Hunting and Shooting



This is probably an opportune time (2004) to put up two rather poor hunting photographs from 1897. They were first published in Country Life Illustrated on Feb13th 1897 page 154. I have resisted putting them on before because they are of poor quality.

The upper of the two shows the hunt at the junction of Church Rd and Noak Hill Rd. The lower one is easier to place it is in front of the Priory in the field close to where the V2 rocket landed nearly fifty years later (don't say it). Below that is the original page but the text is barely legible.

You will be interested to know that at the time of the Commons vote in 2004 our three Havering MPs had a good attendance record on all the hunting votes. Andrew Rosindell (Romford, Conservative) has consistently supported hunting, John Cryer (Hornchurch, Labour) has just as consistently opposed it and our own MP Angela Watkinson (Upminster, Conservative) has always voted in favour of hunting and against the ban.

In 2015, the "newish" Conservative government bought forward ammendments to the law on hunting which would have greatly relaxed the law on hunting with dogs. In the face of a wave of opposition, not least from their own supporters and facing defeat in parliament the proposed new bill that they feared would be lost was withdrawn with only days to go.

At this time (Feb 2016) it is all still in limbo.

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News cuttings of hunting and shooting at Dagnams

Essex Standard, West Suffolk Gazette and East Counties Advertiser. 2 July 1877

WEB dagnams hunting eswsg 2-3-1877.jpg
dagnams shooting.jpg
Dagnam Park Hunting, Bell's Life in London and Sporting Chronicle, April 5, 1857.jfif
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