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Spice Pits Farm

From the 1919 auction catalogue


The Farm House.

Containing four bed rooms, three sitting rooms, kitchen, scullery, pantry, with lean-to wash house and w.c.

Farm buildings

Comprising : cart horse stable for four horses, bam with lean-to nag stable and harness room, calf pen, chicken house and coal shed, cow stall for nine cows and fodder room, open cattle sheds suitable for conversion to cow stalls, loose boxes, piggeries, trap house and cart shed. The whole farm comprising 74a. 1r. 3p. Of arable, pasture and woodland.

The occupiers were

Mr. W. Knight who paid £46. 16s. 0d per annum for 32a. On a yearly tenancy.

Messrs. R. Watt & sons who paid £36. Os. Od. Per annum for 28a. Ir. 27p. On a yearly tenancy.

Messrs. R. Watt & sons who paid £8. 0s. 0d. Per annum for 6a. Ir. 38p. On a yearly tenancy.

Mr. C. Brooks who paid £3. 0s. 0d. Per annum for 2a. 1r. 9p. On a yearly tenancy.

Mrs. Crosby who paid £2. 15s. Od. Per annum for la. 1r. 0p. On a half yearly tenancy.

There was 3a. 0r. 9p. Of woodland in hand. A total rental of £96. 11s. 0d. Per annum.

Outgoings :·
Tithe rent charge (comuted amount) £13. 8s. 5d. Land tax . . . . .. £3. 8s. 0d.
Annuity payable to homchurch charities on pt. 72. £ 1. 0s. 0d.
The purchaser will be required to pay in addition to the purchase money the sum of £70 for the growing timber on this lot. Water is laid on from the company's main to the house and buildings.
The boundary to the south-east of field pt. No- 72 is an undefined boundary, and is marked by stumps in the hedges.
The purchaser was Mr. Matthew Watt who paid £10.050. For lots. 9,10, 17 & 18

Spice Pits Farm House in 1981

Spice Pits Farm 1981.jpg

Spice Pits Farm House now Tisbury's, in the 1990s

Noak Hill Spice Pits Tisbury 1990's (1).jpg
Spice Pitts Farm 1854 (1).jpg
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