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Hill Farm


Details from the 1919 auction catalogue followed by five photos taken in 1981 and two in 1968.


Containing Five Bed Rooms, Three Sitting Rooms, Kitchen, Pantry, Brewhouse and Wood Sheds.


Comprising Two Stall Nag Stable, Coach house and Motor Shed, Cart Horse Stabling for Eight Horses.with Loose Box, Large Double Cow House for 36 Cows, with Mixing Room, Root Room and Cooling Room Adjoining, Single Cow House for 26 Cows, Large Barn with Lean-to Sheds, Engine House and Loose Boxes, Open Hay Barn, Granary, Waggon and Implement Sheds, Extra Cow Sheds for Six Cows, Calving Boxes, Piggeries and Hen House, with

THE BUILDINGS AT WRIGHTSBRIDGE FARM. "Old McDonald's Farm is situated on this site"

Comprising : Stabling for Five Horses and Loose Box, Root House, Open Cattle Shed, Cow House for 18 Cows and Calving Box, and Implement Shed.


Two of which are situated at Noak Hill, (Hill Farm Cottages) each containing : Four Rooms, with Wash House and Coal Shed. The other two are known as " THE ANGEL COTTAGES " each containing Four Rooms and Wash House, with Small Detached Stable and Cow Shed. The Whole Farm comprises : 300a. 0r. 21 p. of Arable, Pasture and Woodland. Let at Rents apportioned for the purpose of this Sale as follows ;

Messrs. R. Watt & Sons : 247a. 0r. 38p. at £274 per annum on a Yearly Tenancy.

Mr. W. Knight. : l0a. 1r. 12p. at £12 10s 0d per annum on a Yearly Tenancy.

Mr. W. Knight. : 12a. 3r. 1p. at £15 per annum on a Yearly Tenancy.

Messrs. R. Watt & Sons, Angel Cottage at £5 per annum on a Yearly Tenancy.

Mr. E. W. Padfield, Angel Cottage at £5 per annum on a Quarterly Tenancy.

Mr. J. Farrow, la. 0r. 31p. at £2 Yearly with six months notice to quit.

Messrs. R. H. & M. Watt, Cottage at £5 per annum on a Quarterly Tenancy.

Mr. C. Baker. Cottage at £4 10s 0d per annum on a Half-yearly Tenancy.

Mr. T. Joslin. 6 perches, at 2 Shillings per annum on a Quarterly Tenancy.

Woodland in hand. 27a. 3r. 18p.

Mr. Appleby, acknowledgement Rent for access to land across Field No. 36. at 5 shillings Yearly.

A Total Rental of £323 7s per annum.

Outgoings :

Tithe Rent Charge (commuted amount) for the area in Noak Hill £72 13s 7d. Tithe Rent Charge (commuted amount) for the Two fields in South Weald Area £2 17s 0d. Land Tax : Noak Hill £6 1 Is 7d. Land Tax : South Weald 9s 6d. The Hedgerow is included in the Sale, and the Purchaser will have the option : (1) Of Taking the Growing Timber in the Woods at the sum of £1,900, or (2) of taking the Crowing Timber up to 15 Cubic feet in size at the sum of £400, and allowing the Vendour to cut and clear the Underwood and all Trees over 15 cubic feet within three years of the completion of purchase.

Water is laid on from the Company's Mains to the Farm House, Buildings and Cottages at Noak Hill, and Water is also laid on to the Wrightsbridge Farm Buildings and supplied from a spring on field No 579. Wrightsbridge House also takes its Water from the same sourse.

Subsequent to the Printing of the Plans the Vendor agreed to give a Plot of Land forming part of Field No 100 for a Village Club, (this is now the Cricket ground formerly known as the Drummonds, in Church Rd next to the Victory Hall) and this Plot is therefore reserved from the Sale, and is marked out with stumps on the ground. The Purchaser was Mr Matthew Watt who also bought Lots 10, 17 & 18, he paid a Total of £10,050.

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                                          Hill Farm, Noak Hill.

These five photographs were taken in the early 80s. The first shows Robert Watt the then owner approaching on the left. He was the son of Matthew Watt who bought the farm in the 1919 auction. Robert Watt died in the 1990s. His daughter now owns the farm.


Robert Watt's cowman George Kerr with Juman the bull and sisters Angela and Louise Bell. Apx 1968 outside St Thomas's Church. The Kerrs and the Bells lived next door to each other at Hill Farm cottages. Angela Bell's father also worked for Robert Watt. Thanks to Angela Beecham, nee Bell for the photos.

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