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Harold Wood Farm

The 1919 auction,  Lot 4. Harold Wood Farm

The Farm House.

 Containing : Four Bed Rooms, Two Sitting Rooms, Kitchen and Pantry, with
Detached Wash House, and Coal Shed.

The Farm Buildings.

Comprising; Cart Horse Stable for Five, Cow stall for 25, Cooling Room, Barn used for Forage and Mixing Room, Grain Pit, Granary, Cart Shed, Loose Box, Calf Pen, Tool House and Hen House. The whole comprising:- 50a. 0r. 10p. of Arable and Pasture Land.

As shown in the following SCHEDULE:- Ordnance Description. State. Quantity. No. A. R. P. PARISH OF ROMFORD. 435. Green Lane .. .. Pasture and Roadway 1 3 16, 437. Ten Acres .. .. Pasture .. .. 12 0 1, 626. Three Acre Mead. .. .. Arable .. .. 3 1 21, 628. Five Acres .. .. Pasture .. .. 5 0 0, 629. Twenty-two Acres .. Arable .. .. 22 0 38, 631. Long Meadow .. .. Pasture .. .. 4 2 0, 633. House and Buildings .. Buildings .. .. 0 2 30, 634. Green Lane .. Pasture and Roadway 0 1 24 A 50 0 10 Let to Mr. A. W. Sexton on a Yearly (Michaelmas) Tenancy at the Rent of; £77 per annum. OUTGOINGS:- Tithe Rent Charge (Commuted amount) £11 4 3 Land Tax .. 3 15 0. The Water is laid on to the House and Buildings. The Growing Timber is included in the Sale. This Lot is sold subject to the Right of Way of the adjoining owners over the Roadway Numbers 435 and 634. Mr. A.W. Sexton paid £1800 for Lot 4. He paid £180 deposit, leaving a balance of £1620.

lot 4 auction map.jpg

Date Unknown

Dycorts - Harold Wood Farm.jpg

Harold Wood Farm in 1896

Harold  Wood Farm 1896.jpg

Aerial Photo from 1946. The building on the junction of Straight Rd and what became Faringdon Ave was a small general store run by William C Sexton at least into the 1960s, when it was generally known as Sextons. On a Sunday afternoon it was the only place you could buy cigarettes on the whole of Harold Hill. Sexton had earlier been in dispute with Romford Council concerning compensation for the Straight Rd widening scheme. This time his clash with the authorities was far more humiliating and embarrassing. Contravening wartime food pricing regulations.

Harold Wood Farm aerial photo 1946.jpg
Sextons 1941.jpg

An aerial view of Straight Road heading towards Gallows Corner, before the flyover was built.   Thanks to Karen Gibson of the Romford History site.

Gallows Corner ca 1960 Karen Gibson.jpg

This one from a different perspective during the construction of Harold Hill in 1951

Sextons Store and Harold Wood Farm 1951.jpg

And how it looks today, 2012

Harold Wood Farm (site of) 2012.jpg

The Poulton and Bull timber yard was on the south side of the Straight Rd/Faringdon Ave junction. It was eventually sold and became a glaziers. I occasionally bought timber there but by the 1980s it was expensive compared with some other Romford timber yards. As a self employed carpenter I used Brooks a long established South St yard for many years but eventually cheap, poor quality wood from B&Qs finished them all off. Brooks's timber yard is now under flats.........Del Smith.

poulton and bull.jpg
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