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A Tree Planting Session at the Manor !

Updated: Mar 4, 2023

28 th February 2023

The temperature had certainly dropped this morning and with the wind chill factor taken into account it really felt bitterly cold as FODP members met up to carry out some maintenance work in the Nature Reserve.

Today’s work involved removing the caging around some of the young trees that were planted a couple of years ago and replacing it with a stronger gauged wire caging which will be more resilient from being damaged. This is only one aspect of the work that members of the group carry out but it is an important one none the less and it is part of the rolling tree planting and maintenance programme that the Friend’s group initiated in 2015. Since that date the group have planted just over two hundred trees in the reserve, these being in the form of whips or saplings in various sizes. Hawthorn, Wild Cherry, Field Maple, Rowan, Oak and Silver Birch have all been planted.

The group have also helped people to plant in trees that they have donated to the group from fruit trees, Holly and Oak trees to a pair of Horse Chestnut trees for a couple who purchased the trees to commemorate their 60th wedding anniversary. More tree planting will be done by the group this year with Hazel, Hawthorn, Oak, Wild Cherry and Willow whips / saplings going in, hopefully on a less cold day than today.


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